Welcome to Scratch Theater's website. If you want to watch or learn improv you have come to the right place. Please feel free to browse through our site to get to know us
Scratch Theater | Improvisation Theater Company
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About Scratch Theater

Welcome to our website, and you will be even more welcome to our shows!


Who is Scratch Theater? Scratch Theater is an improv theater trio that is dedicated to long-form storytelling. With only two actors and one piano player, we flush out the whole story by playing a multitude of different characters.  Our mission is to tell 70 minute long plays which are told through the narration styles of a multitude of different genres. As well as portraying characters and relationships that are honest and compelling. With only two actors, there is no time to think. Scratch Theater is a fast wonderful tap dance of narration and storytelling that will leave you spellbound.

Our shows

Scratch performs shows in different movie and theater genres putting emphasis on creating characters and stories with the inspiration of our audience suggestions. We do this with just two actors and a pianist. Come to one of our shows to watch your own story being created on the spot from Scratch! We perform every last Saturday of the month in Aufsturz  It’s a great place to come with friends and meet new people and spend a nice Saturday evening while you have a drink . If you are interested in learning improv check out our courses in different levels and our videos online with commentaries.

Performance styles

The Genres

Film Noir
Film Noir

Trust me when I tell you, what anyone says in this genre is a lie. This genre is based upon the under belly of America post world war two. It is filled with anxiety, pessimism, and suspicion. A cynical detective must find his way out of the web of lies and deceit. He will be lied to, beaten, and abused with only the truth to drive him forward. Along his way he will be tempted by a femme fatale, gangsters, police, and maybe even the government. This story never ends happy but, maybe well find some kind of truth in the end.

Romantic Comedy
Romantic Comedy
Romantic Comedy has many different styles. Two people  fall madly in love and will have to overcome personal or society barriers to keep the flame burning. This genre is filled with whacky fun characters to help the lead characters along their passion. Fasten your seatbelt this is a fast moving story with quick scene changes and snappy dialogue. You may even fall in love by the end of the story.
20th Century Plays
20th Century Plays
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Passion Noir
Passion Noir
Passion Noir the sister to Film Noir. A love triangle on the most seductive way. The femme fatale uses her sexuality to manipulate the murder of her husband. Her eye on greed, independent and power. Through the guilt of murder she slowly unravels and loses everything around her. This also ends on a down beat, and no one will walk away unscathed. So sit back pour a stiff drink, it’s going to be a bumpy night.
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We are

Scratch Cast

  • Alberto

    Alberto comes from Italy and learned piano the classical way and then playing jazz. He started then his piano improvisation career with Scratch and fell in love with it.

  • Javier

    Javier was born in Spain and after living in a few places around the world he moved to Berlin where he started improvising. He performs now in German and English.

  • Robert

    Rob started improvising with Scratch Theater in his country of origin, USA. In 2015 he brought Scratch back to life together with Javier.

Improv school

Learn Improv

With over 25 years of experience, Scratch Theater is a unique type of improv, based on telling stories with characters and relationships that we care about. We put a high emphasis on listening to your partner and making sure that everyone is heard. You will learn how to be emotional while connecting your body to your voice, which will make you become a better actor/actress. With constructive cristisism we will break bad improv habits, push you out of your comfort zone, encourage you to take risks, which will make your work grow to a new level. Not only will you become a better improvisor, you will learn how to be a better actor/actress and storyteller.

Improv Videos and resources

Watch improv videos to learn from other performers

Improv Workshops for all levels

Learn how to improvise in our Improv school

Online school

See our shows online with or without comments to learn how to improvise better


Scratch offers basic, intermediate and advanced improv workshops